Secret child rape and torture ring of world leaders exposed

A LifeSource Special Report

Grey Paper



Folder 1: Conditioning

Premier Air Date: Nov 2021

Survivors of incest, sex trafficking, sexual abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) bring their struggle to light as they recount their emotional/physical state at that moment in time in which they were either caught in, or tried to leave the system. 


Folder 2: Child Protection Services

Air Date: mid 2022

Child protective agencies have become procurement agencies. We expose the true nature and depravity if the system which many believe is here to aid children.


Folder 3: Global

Air Date: end 2022

The systematic procurement, abuse , transport and torture of children is a worldwide enterprise.

Grey Paper
This series is dedicated to the researchers, journalists and whistleblowers who have met untimely deaths while trying to expose the worldwide pedophile blackmail system



The following is a partial list of the witnesses, investigators and whistleblowers who have sacrificed, some with their lives, in the effort to expose the truth.

Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte

Regina Louf

Ted Gunderson

William Colby

John DeCamp

Gary Caradori

Rusty Nelson

Michael Corbin

Noreen Gosch

Monsignor Robert Hupp


Kathleen Sorenson

Pam Fawsett

Alisha Owen

Troy Boner

Paul Bonnacci

Charlie Rogers

Paul Bynum

Judy Johnson

Karen Klass

Gerald Klass


Wayne Satz

Max Spiers

Ella Draper

Abraham Christie

Sabine McNeil

Princess Diana

Carole Kasir

LeRoi Moore

Natacha Jaitt

Peaches Geldof


Joseph Recarey

Phil Schneider

Mike Ruppert

Nancy Schaefer

Jonathon Nichols

Linda Collins-Smith

Todd Tongen

William “Bill” Cooper

Kat Ward

Liz MacKean


Ray Gricar

Mark Minne

Chef Andy Stewart

Mark Salling

Alexis Arquette

Issac Kappy

Aaron Swartz


Kate Spade


Ines Zorreguieta

Anthony Bourdain

Chester benniongton

Chris Cornell

Tracy Twyman

Andrew Brietbart

Admiral Jeremy Boorda

Barry Seal

Klaus Eberweim

Weiner Laptop:

Deputy Chief Steven Silks, NYPD

Det. Joseph Calabrese

Officer Johnny Rios, NYPD

Robert Echeverria, NYPD

Michael Caddy, NYPD

Nick Budney, NYPD

Miosotis Familia

Officer Kevin Preiss,NYPD

Linhong Li, NYPD


Jen Moore

Vincent Foster

Danny Casolaro

Gary Webb

Dr Dean Lorich

Former NJ Mayor Brian Brady

Victor Thorn

Monika Peterson

Anthony Pellicano

Kevin Ives


Don Henry

Larry Nichols

Gregory Collins

Keith Coney

Keith McKaskle

Jeff Rhodes

James “Dewey” Milam

Richard Winters

Jordan Kettleson

Dante Austin


Linda Collins Smith

TX Chief of Police Chris Reed

Seth Rich

Lola Gulamova

Jason Rieff

Please note that websites are being removed by the Deep State CABAL.

We suggest the following action be taken if you find a link that no longer works when doing your own "Independent Research" which we encourage you to do.


  1. Copy the website that is no longer available by right clicking or highlighting in your browser. (Suggest TOR or DuckDuckGo - Not Firefox or Google as these are compromised search engines).

  2. Type "Wayback Machine" into your browser.

  3. Paste the website into the Wayback Machine and search.