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Police and Pedophiles

How many child sexual abuse cases are also satanic ritual abuse?

This article was 6 years before James Wood shut down the existence and prevalence of SRA in Australia with his recommendations from the Royal Commission into Corruption in the New South Wales Police Force, 1997. The final report from the RC contains 367 pages known as the ‘pedophile enquiry.’ This section summarising the corruption in the Police Force in reference to child rapists dwarfs the 183 pages for ALL OTHER areas of police corruption.

As a result of Wood’s recommendations there is no reporting through the police, media or our courts. Instead all is labelled child sexual abuse, despite these cases clearly exhibiting an underlying evil belief system, including sadistic torture, sacrifice and worship of demonics.

James Wood who presided over the enquiry has also been named by survivors as a pedophile and part of the ritual abuse ring the commission was ‘investigating’ or more accurately, covering up.

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